Frequently asked questions

When will the payments take place?

We strive to make your payment within 24 hours after you applied for it and we do everything we can to stick on to this time limit.

Wich payment options are rewarded?

You surely know that many hosters reward only certain payment options. We don´t! We work fair. No matter wich payment options your costumer chooses, you get your share - ALWAYS.

What are unverified sales?

We work fair and pay every sale you make - no matter which payment options your costumer chooses. This way we can guarantee the maixmal profit for you. But we can only guaratee this by marking your sale as "verified" after we recieved the money. Depending on the payment-gateway your costumer has chosen this may take up to zwo weeks.

Which payout options do you offer me?

At the moment we can offer you the following payout options: Bitcoin, Bank, Webmoney. More are planned

What is my reward?

As soon as you win a costumer for SMOOZED you get amazing 40% of his first purchase - all his following orders give you 30% of the product price - for lifetime!
But that´s not all. As long as the file from your link that you encrypted with is located in the cache of SMOOZED, you get an high PPD reward. If it is not located in the cache you get a lower PPD reward. You can take influence on that yourself. How this works will be explained in detail in the following topic.

How can I further increase my profit?

It often occurs that we cannot get to the source of your uploads as many hosters make it difficult for us to access your files.

Our advice: Always take care to provide us with as many mirrors as possible -> Ideally make sure to always provide us with an mirror. This way you always recieve the highest possible PPD reward.